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ARF; Savings Plan in Retirement

What Our Customers Say

Ian Kelly National Sales Manager at John Guest Speed Fit "I am very happy with Lifegoals after meeting with them I certainly feel better and I have a healthier idea of how to plan for the future" September 2011

Jan Van Leeuwen, Director with IQ Digital Signage Ltd. Life Goals have provided us with excellent advice and service. I would recommend them unconditionally

Ger O Byrne, Product Manager, An Post We have dealt with Life Goals for a number of years and during that time have received advice on a multitude of Pension & Investment options. In that time, we have always received good solid advice. We have full confidence in our Consultant's opinion and product knowledge whenever we are looking for Life Assurance or Investment advice. If we are interested in specific products, our Consultant researches many options and provide a detailed comparison of each, explaining the pros & cons. He meets us at our convenience and we prefer the personal touch rather than dealing directly with larger companies. I would highly recommend the services & advice provided by Life Goals.

Nicky and Wayne McDonnell July 2102 I would just like to thank Life Goals for preparing us and arranging our life assurance, after some awful dealings with a previous company who had failed to complete our requests as instructed, we were therefore not feeling encourage by the industry. Life Goals changed this and I am thankful to them for ensuring our childrens security should the need ever arise. Everything was explained and being truly independent we felt no pressure to choose a certain product provider. I would fully recommend Life Goals to anyone as they have provided an excellent service to me and my family and we will certainly be dealing with Life Goals again in the future. Kind regards


Billy Griffin, Director - Artisan Image Solutions Ltd. 
Life Goals have worked extremely hard to organise a pension backed mortgage for me and secured finance that I don't believe I would have secured elsewhere. 

Volker Lorenz, General Manager, Amadeus Ireland

“Life Goals have been advising Amadeus Ireland in terms of pension fund management, as well as with staff benefits….. I would highly recommend their­­­ services to anyone seeking financial advice, both professionally and privately.”

Noel King MD - ECO Seal Insulation Ltd

"I would recommend Lifegoals to any of my friends. After evaluating my current status I maintained my benefits and at the same time gained significant savings."

October 2011   


Paul Kearney - Managing Director PK Printing Ltd

"I have been dealing with Life Goals for the last 7 years. In that time I have found their expertise to be hugely beneficial from a tax saving point of view and protecting and maximizing investment returns. I would have no problem recommending them in the future" November 2011


Noel Lynn MD - Wired Technologies Ltd

"I have found Lifegoals professional, friendly and give a great service. I have recommended Lifegoals to anyone who needs their services. It cost me nothing and I gained from meeting with them." November 2011

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An ARF allows you to use your accumulated pension funds to create a savings account with your retirement funds

The ARF delivers tax free growth and there are cash withdrawal options available


This means increased and more flexible options at retirement with greater control of your funds


ARF & Options Overview

Conversion is allowed when you have used one of the products below to accumulate your pension fund

  • Personal Pension Plans

  • Personal Retirement Savings Plans (PRSA’S)

  • Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s)

  • Occupational Schemes

  • Buy out Bonds


ARF & Making Decisions 

There are always important financial decisions to be made when it comes to investing in an Approved Retirement Fund

Listed below are two Q & A's on some key points that need to be considered before reaching any decision


(1) ARF Investment Strategy:

How would you want your money managed if it was invested in ARF?

(2) ARF Suitability Questionnaire:

Are you sure about an ARF being the right option for your pension fund investment?         


(1) The ARF Investment Strategy

how much access to the money invested will you need?

appetite for risk on a scale of 1 to 10; 
1 being low risk 

finding the best tax strategy? 

will you need a regular income, withdrawals,
none of these?

guaranteed return required?


ARF Summary

This may be your most important asset at retirement 

We would always advise caution and expert advice when making any investment decisions

This investment is even more important than normal as retirement income depends on it so extra care required 



     Contact Us  for advice and expertise 



(2) The ARF Suitability Questionnaire

Answers and then advice to help with the decision



1 You do not need to take an income from this part of your pension fund?

2 You know the value of your ARF can fall and rise and there are no future guarantees?

3 You want the pension funds to be invested and to grow over time?

4 You would like your children to be able to inherit from an ARF?

5 You might have health worries and have a limited life expectancy?

6 You may not be ready to purchase an annuity but will at a later date?

7 You know taking an income may mean that the money in the fund will be spent too soon?

8 You know the Revenue Limits and Rules and rules that apply to ARF’s?

9 You have access to expert and qualified advice?

10 You know of your other pension entitlements?

These questions answered will help to ensure that you get the best decision